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Dez w In Living Color

Meet Dez (The Artist!)

Dez is a self-taught artist living and working in Dallas, Texas. Her art style is a form of abstract expressionism, letting her creative imagination and her love for vibrant colors flow through her brush onto the canvas. Dez's journey into abstract expressionism started long before she formally decided to put brush to canvas and officially birth Abstracts by Dez. She started displaying her love for all things creative and all things that allowed her to express herself - including colors, art and even music - as a child.

Dez's work is inspired by her every day life experiences including sunsets, observed fashion trends, her love for music, and more. When you look at Abstracts by Dez, you are essentially seeing an eye-catching & unique moment in time as once seen by the artist herself.

Dez believes creativity is not limited to academic exposure but simply lives within us and just needs to be unlocked. As a self-taught artist, Dez has learned through practical experience and trial and error. She sees every trial as an opportunity to explore color in a new way and sharpern her skills. Through thoughtful yet free brushstrokes, Dez uses vibrant acrylics to highlight the uniquely beautiful blends of color hidden in plain sight.

Dez's artwork has been shown in exhibitions and art shows in the United States.

My Artist Statement (the story of my work)

“Life isn’t always rainbows” is not good news to the optimist. So, I create optimal art experiences that bring the rainbow to your life. I take the colors I see throughout every day and bring them to life through the brushstrokes and experiences I create between the viewer and the canvas.

Each unique piece of work captures a colorful moment of a live experiment with not only colors but also state of mind and free expression – freedom to paint what I want with colors that create an ongoing melody in my mind.

We like certain songs because of the experiences tied to them; my art is meant to help you experience today in a way you’ll want to keep reliving tomorrow and forever; let these experiences be why you love my art – because it’s seen as not only art and colors on a canvas but rather an experience enhancer for the creative and free.

I aspire for you to FEEL my art – not just see it at face value. If you only see the colors on the canvas when you look at my art, I have failed, as an artist, to enhance your experience. Through the colors, textures and brushstrokes – I want you to feel my art. Feel happy. Feel joy. Feel hopeful.

I create art to tempt the mind to dare to imagine further – dare to imagine bigger.

My art is meant to be seen with your eyes and felt with your creative soul. Colors, like good vibes, are timeless so I truly hope to help the rainbow and good vibes in your life live on.

Dez with brush
Dez w Musically Inclined
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